Unlike other over crowded beaches like Boracay, Palawan is able to preserve the cleanliness of each island, keeping the tropical paradise attractive and environmentally friendly. Best time to visit is summer season from March to May. Read More
Located within the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park, has a 8.2 km long underground river. From entrance passing through natural rock formation such as caves, stalactites and stalagmites, an icicle-shaped formation that hangs from the ceiling of a cave with pointed tips. How to get there: first take the boat from Sabang pier to the Undergound River. Then, take a short walk to the river entrance where another boat is waiting to take visitors into the river tunnel. Around 8-10 people are allowed to enter the cave at one time. Read More
Located North of Palawan, Coron is famous for boat tours, outdoor activities, water sports like diving and island hopping. Coron has several premier diving sites including the shipwreck sites from a Japanese, and most visited destinations for wreck diving to see aquatic view from submerged WWII Japanese warships. Like Tangat Wreck, Lusong Gunboat and Skeleton Wreck, also while diving you can see unique ecological features such as sweetlips, grouper, lionfish, surgeons, wrasse, tang and soldierfish. In addition, the whole wreck is covered with soft and hard corals and sponges. Read More
Looking for a tropical paradise for your instagram theme? Island hopping around El Nido will bring you to unique rock formations that you can use as beautiful background for your photos. You will discover secret clear water small to large lagoons, snorkeling sites, caves, powdery white sand beach and coconut trees everywhere. No need for filters, take a picture as it is. Your one stop shop breathtaking island paradise is in El Nido, Palawan, Philippines. Read More
Travelling will not be complete without trying some local cuisine. Palawan offered fresh delicious seafood and tropical fruits. When they put everything in one banana leaf, so that you can share with friends while eating with your own bare hands, this experience is called boodle fight. Some tours offer free breakfast and lunch as part of the package while exploring different islands in Palawan. Read More
Palawan offers a wide range of accommodation. It has luxury resorts like El Nido Resorts or Amanpulo Resort, and if you’re a budget tourist, you can simply google to know your options: For example, Cheap Hotels in Palawan Island and Where To Stay In Palawan: The Most Affordable, Secluded Resorts. Read More
Palawan is surrounded by unpolluted water that is home to beautiful marine life. Here’s the top marine life you can see in El Nido, Palawan: frogfish, sea turtles, clown fish, blacktip reef shark, eagle ray, great barracuda, whale shark,sea horses, corals, sea cows (dugongs) and more. In one resort at El Nido, Miniloc, you can swim with giant jackfish as well. Palawan is a perfect place to experience and see underwater marine life, either by snorkeling, diving or free diving. Read More
Many Palawan beaches have powder white sand that is great for walking and photo taking. Walking on sand also has health benefits, as sand is a natural exfoliant and a great source of magnesium. Many resorts offer beach activities like volleyball or jet skiing.\ Read More
After a long day of activities, the best activity is to relax and enjoy dinner while watching the sunset. Take in the stunning sunset in Palawan and appreciate the beauty of nature. After sunset, you are ready for the great drinking party to enjoy the rest of your Palawan trip. Read More

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