This is the so-called national dish here in our country, Adobo. This dish is always up for reinvention, everyone has different preferences in terms of flavor. But let’s face the truth, no one could ever beat our mom's version, the way they prepare the dish is kind of special and makes it more delicious. If you want something new, try the Chef Margarita Fore’s Lamb Adobo located at Makati. Read More
Sisig is one of Pinoy's delicious course, it is a combination of pig's head and liver, seasoned with calamansi and other spices. There’s this restaurant at Angeles City Pampanga which was known by serving the best Sisig in the Philippines, "Aling Lucing", they reinvented sisig and used a sizzling plate to make the course crispier. Read More
Looking for the best lechon in the country? Fly to Carcar City, Cebu and enjoy the Philippines' delicious Lechons out there. An international chef once entitles the Cebu's Lechon as "the best pig ever". But in reality, you don’t actually need to go there to taste the best lechon, there are many available lechons around your area that were as good as Cebu's. I think no one could refuse to try the crispy skin and juicy meat of Lechon (best with hot sauce). Read More
There are many Kakanin in Philippine cuisine and one of it is the Bibingka famous at Pamana, Quezon City. When the Christmas Season comes it always present as a perfect breakfast partnered with brewed coffee or tea. This is a type of rice cake cooked in a clay pot and covered with leaves. The Bibingka is best when served with toppings like salted egg and grated coconut. Read More
Many people believe that this delicious food, Kare-Kare, was originated from the Culinary Center of the Philippines, Pampanga. Kare-Kare is a combination of beef, oxtail, vegetables like the heart of banana, eggplant, pechay, and peanut sauce. This would be perfect and tasty when partnered with spicy shrimp paste. Read More
People mostly don’t appreciate foods because of its unpleasant appearance one of it is Balut. This is common in our country and sold here as street food. It is actually delicious, many people make it as a partner with beer (pulutan), but the intake of this street food is must be in moderation for it is high in cholesterol and in uric acid.content. Read More
The locals of Malabon has this delicious Pancit which was named where it was originated, and try to visit and taste Nanay’s pancit malabon. This pancit is yellow in color because of achuete, and has toppings like cooked shrimp, squid, smoked bangus, mussels, and oysters. You can also see at birthday parties and other seasonal gatherings. Read More
Batangas is not only famous for their Goto, but they also serve delicious Bulalo. Since Batangas is known for cattle-raising industry, locals there, make something delicious out of it, the beef meat and bone marrow with other ingredients are patiently cooked for hours to achieve the right taste of Bulalo. This soup is perfect for rainy seasons and must try with spices. You can also ride to Bulalo Point Turo-Turo Grill in Tagaytay to try their delicious version of Bulalo. Read More
This dish can be seen often at different celebrations. It is composed of typically lungs, kidneys, intestines, ears, heart and snout. Just like Balut, some people are afraid to try this. There are many variations of Dinuguan, Bicolanos are known for serving Ginataang Dinuguan. Here in Manila there are much best selling Dinuguan and one of the famous places is located at Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City. If you want to try this, it’s a perfect match is steamed rice cake. Read More
Dish that is famous and present mostly at Filipino gatherings, Fried Lumpia (Shanghai). Shanghai is made of ground pork, mixed with seasonings, some vegetables, and spices. It's easy to make, just mixed all the ingredients and wrap it with eggroll wrapper then deep-fry. This crunchy lumpia is best served with sauce out of the mixtures of sugar, ketchup, vinegar, and a soy sauce. Lam Tin in Banawe St. in Quezon City is known for serving best Lumpiang Shanghai. Read More

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