This will definitely rock your taste buds. Cafe Galilea & Restaurant is serving 'Etag' (Binurong Baboy), which is considered to be Sagada's Ham. Inside the earthen jars, the meat will be stored or preserved for weeks/months. It is served mostly for celebrations and other festivities. The more the meat got rotten, the more it tastes good. Read More
Kinabuchs Grill and Bar is famous for its main dishes called Tamilok. Tourists can order the Tamilok dish whether fresh or fried. It can be found in the branches of Mangrove trees. It is also available at the wet market there if you want to try and discover your own recipe of this mollusk. Read More
Never heard of insect dishes? The culinary capital of the Philippines, Pampanga has this exotic dish named Arobung Kamaru. Aside from Arobung (adobo), Kapampangans also serve it in fried and simmered with soy sauce and vinegar. Kamaru or mole crickets belong to the edible insects which contain Protein and Vitamin B. Read More
This is a Chinese Restaurant in Manila that serves Fried Frog, one of the main dishes at Uno Seafood Wharf Palace located at Sta. Cruz, Manila. They also offer other dishes mostly seafood; if you can’t take to taste the fried frog. Read More
Have you got a strong stomach? This dish is a challenging one. Soup no. 5 (bull’s testicle) was hard to find/buy before but now it is widely known yet some are afraid to try this soup, though it is indeed delicious. Here in Metro Manila, Caffe La Lotte is one of the restaurants known for serving this kind of soup. Read More
After enjoying Rizal's adventures and activities, you can’t resist saying yes with delicious delicacies that local offers, but if you want something exotic, Balaw Balaw has so much to offer. Adobong Uok is one of their famous dish, the texture, described by those who tasted it, was salty, crunchy outside and a little bit slimy when you chew. Read More
One exotic dish that Locals of Nueva Ecija serve is the Adobong Salagubang (june bug). Its taste can be compared to adobong kamaru of Pampanga, crunchy and juicy inside. It is perfect to be served with beer or other drinks. Read More
This farm is known for its Fried Rat, but the rat that is being described here is not the rat we usually see inside our messed house, these rats that restaurants get, came from the farmer' field which usually eats grains and other plants. Read More
Have you ever tried to eat crocodile meat yet? Well, you will probably like it as you discover the Kinabuchs Grill and Bar's Sizzling Sisig which the main ingredient. This is perfect as Pulutan for your Barkada Hangouts. Read More
Python meat is can be cooked either fried, adobo or even chicharon. Some people say that its meat tastes more likely close to chicken. Read More

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