Black Island


Imagine yourself a bird flying west, the last land fall you can get a rest in before reaching Vietnam is the big black limestone rock called the Black Island. The official name is Malajon which is a derivative of the Calamian word Malagem – meaning dark. Eventually, it was called Black Island for obvious reasons. There are old fisher tales of monsters called imamaliao being seen in its depths. And sometimes the tale is embellished to include the monster swallowing a whole banca. The island is so mysterious and dark that in the ears of impressionable kids these stories are believable. Nowadays however, Black Island is sought after by locals and tourists as a picnic ground. It has powdery pinkish white beach and coral gardens that you can spend hours in skin diving. You will feel like you are lost in a Japanese painting once you step foot on the beach and look up. The trees and plants dotting the jagged rock face of the mountain are like bonsai plants arranged meticulously by a Zen artist. Being a limestone island, it has a lot of caves to be explored. Some are easy to get to, others are not. An expert guide is needed to explore those that are not so accessible. One of the easy ones to get to has a lagoon inside, where one can have a dip in the cold water and catch blind shrimps. This is where a European “Survivor” series was filmed a few years ago.

Reference: http://www.laestanciabusuanga.com/mysterious-black-island/

Photo source: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-Vn1pZfDn-iU/VfWUVHprn6I/AAAAAAAACqo/YjfS3Y2bHUA/s1600/IMG_0561.jpg

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