Camp John Hay


Camp John Hay is one of Baguio City's most popular visitor attraction. It features a world class competition Jack Niclaus-designed golf course which is said to be the only golf course in the Philippines to have bent grass greens. There are also hotels, a shopping center & a convention center in the place. This former rest & recreation facility for American soldiers in Asia is a tourist  destination in itself.


Much has changed since it was converted into a privately-run resort. The private developer chose to remove all the favorite haunts and landmarks and substitute them with modern structures although there are many areas still accessible to the public for free.

Nevertheless, Camp John Hay's charm remains the same with its pine tree-lined roads, beautiful landscaping, quaint cottages and wide open spaces. The place remains a must-visit for tourists.


Photo source: http://cjhdc.com/images/25ce7b86ff77982d700ab6d487cd1ad1.jpg

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