Barrio La Loma (La Loma, Blumentritt)


A historical landmark in Quezon City is La Loma, said to be the site of the first battle between the Filipinos and the Americans during the Philippine-American War during the turn of the 20th century. General Antonio Luna’s aide-de-camp, Jose Torres Bugallon, who helped organize the first Philippine Army, died during the defense of the area against the American forces and was posthumously declared Hero of the Battle of La Loma.

It was also known as the home to the oldest existing public cemetery in Manila, the Campo Santo de La Loma, built in 1884 with an area of 54 hectares. Some its famous ‘interns’ include revolutionaries Felipe and Marcela Agoncillo; Supreme Court justices Cayetano Arellano, Victorino Mapa and Ignacio Villamor; Girls Scouts of the Philippines founder and World War II heroine Josefa Llanes Escoda; and Centro Escolar University founder Librada Avelino.

However, today, La Loma at Quezon City is known for something quite different: the lechon capital of the Philippines. Lechon is a Spanish term that refers to roasted pigs.  On any fine day, one can see whole pigs being roasted on poles in this barangay. In Bonifacio Avenue or N.S. Amoranto Sr. Street, Quezon City, in particular, you can find famous lechon shops such as Ping Ping, Mang Tomas, Monchie's Lechon.

The lechon business grew from the crowds that visited the nearby La Loma Cockpit Arena. An annual La Loma Lechon Festival iscelebrated every third Sunday of May, during which lechons from different restaurants were paraded on floats.

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