Patar Beach


Patar Beach is a creamy white sand beach that slopes gradually from shore, making it good for swimming. It gets practically no maintenance because it is a public beach. The tangle of seaweed in some areas especially during the hot and dry months of April and May attests to this fact. There are several more stretchers of white sandy beach with coral rock formations and small coves as you head further down south along the coast. This coastline includes stretches of nice beaches in the towns of Agno, Bani, Burgos and Dasol. You can easily observe beautiful, white-sand beaches along Pangasinan’s western coast from online satellite maps. Many of which are not that accessible at the moment, just waiting to be discovered. One nice thing about Patar Beach is that the place has hardly changed since seven years ago. There might be several more nipa huts along the beach but further south the beach has remained relatively pristine. Most of the resorts including the upscale Puerto del Sol are located along the coast north of Patar Beach. The only resort right on Patar Beach is Treasures of Bolinao. South of this resort are the nipa huts that we rented for the day. There are some stores back of the beach where the public toilet and baths are also located.

Features: Beaches