Subic Beach


Subic beach is not visible from the coast of the Matnog as well as its port and hence builds intrigue suspense till the sailing boat gives the first glimpse of the shores of the beach. This beach is also considered to be one of the hidden gems of the nature’s creation because of its invisibility. The pinkish white sands enhance the look of the beach. The sea water of Subic beach is very tempting but one should be cautious before going into the water because they have steep underwater depths at a very smaller distance from the shores. In addition, the tides are very restless during rainy season. Hence, swimming in the waters might not be that safe.

Spending a night at the island is the best option if you want to have a complete experience of Subic Beach. The scenic view of the beach is different at night with the fireflies gathered in groups on the low trees gives the most majestic view. Sleeping to the sound of the tides hitting the shores and the sea breeze provides the most memorable experience of a lifetime.

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